Welcome to the DocsInk App Platform

Taking healthcare integrations to the next level

This entire documentation is an active work in progress.

We've designed our development platform for integration to be both simple and flexible. We offer the ability to create apps that administrators can add into their organization. Building an app allows for easy integration with DocsInk using the following methods:

  • FHIR REST API. Fully integrated with the DocsInk platform and supports search, resource versioning and transactions.
  • Custom REST based APIs for leveraging other DocsInk capabilities not supported by FHIR.
  • Legacy integrations using HL7 over HTTPS.

Start Here

Account Registration

Creating a DocsInk client application requires an active DocsInk account. It is 100% free to sign-up, takes only a few seconds and all that we require is an email address. Once your account has been created, you are ready to create your DocsInk client application.

Register a Client Application

Head over to our apps page to create your client application. Once created, a client id and secret will be generated. Be sure to keep the client secret in a safe place, it should only be stored on your servers and never within a client application. You can now proceed to update the information related to your app including a description, image and the callback URL for OAuth.

Review API Documentation

Become familiar with the capabilities we have to offer and how they fit into your application. Our documentation provides full descriptions of all operations, model schemas and examples. We even include a Swagger client within our documentation so you can start using our APIs without writing any code.

Build Your Integration

Sky is the limit. We truly can't wait to see what you and your team create. To help speed things up, have a look at our SDKs. If you don't see a SDK available for your programming language of choice, let us know and we'll try our best to create it.

Go for Launch

After you have developed and tested your client application, its time for release onto the DocsInk Marketplace. To initiate the process, navigate to the App Distribution page within your client application settings. Select the category you wish to publish your client application under, provide any additional information and click on Submit. A member from our team will review the distribution request be in contact if any any additional information is required for the approval process. Once approved, you will receive an email notification and be listed in our App Marketplace.

How Did It Go?

We encourage all partners to send us feedback about their overall experience building a client application on the DocsInk Platform. Was it enjoyable? Easy to use? Did something go wrong or area you see for improvement? Let us know how we did.